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Jellatech Announces Development of Cell Based Human Collagen

Jellatech now announces a new major milestone achievement - its successful development of a full length, triple helical, bio-identical and functional human collagen made from their own proprietary cell line. This announcement comes just eight months after Jellatech’s showcase of cell-based bovine collagen. 


“This milestone further demonstrates that our platform technology for efficiently producing high quality collagen is translatable across multiple cell types, which allows us to address a broad market need for collagen.” - Rob Schutte, Head of Science.


Human collagen is used in a wide array of biomedical and clinical applications in tissue engineering, arthritis treatment, regenerative medicine, dermal filler, 3D bioprinting, among many others. 


“We are extremely proud and excited to announce the expansion of our protein portfolio with human collagen. Human collagen is such an important step in our journey to make a positive impact.” - Stephanie Michelsen, Founder & CEO.


Building on Jellatech’s latest developments, the company is now looking to raise funds to scale up the production and move towards commercialization. With the plethora of applications for Jellatech’s proteins, the company is also exploring partnerships, collaborations and strategic synergies to accelerate their path to providing reliable and sustainable collagen to the world.

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