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Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. We are depleting our planet of its resources, and as a result making it increasingly uninhabitable, for all of its occupants. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity are at an all time high, with no sign of slowing down. Food and water security are major threats to current and future populations.

Luckily, great scientists and entrepreneurs around the globe continue to develop innovative solutions to help slow global warming. Populations are growing more aware of how their actions impact the environment and are beginning to adopt greener lifestyles. There is general consensus that limiting our dependency on animal agriculture is the starting point for a more sustainable future, for the sake of both humanity and the environment. Pioneers like Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and more have developed science-based, sustainable solutions that provide the same mouthfeel - if not better - than that of animal-derived products. The race to save our planet and its inhabitants is on; it starts with food, but goes far beyond that.

This is where the story of Jellatech begins. We imagined a future where no cow, pig, chicken or other animal needs to be harmed to satisfy our needs. We imagined what the world would look like if animals were subtracted from the equation entirely. It didn't take long for us to conclude that this was still a far-away fantasy; there were still too many things that too many of us would miss. Existing, innovative alternatives could satisfy our yearning for obvious products like meat and dairy, but substitutes are lacking for the hard-to-replace by-products of the meat and dairy industry; the smaller parts that are so very important, but far too often overlooked. 

Introducing Collagen:

Collagen is a by-product of the meat industry. You may be familiar with collagen from seeing it in skin serums, or with its derivative, gelatin, in gummy bears - but it’s likely around you much more than you realize. This ingredient is used in a number of applications such as for food texturizers, vaccine stabilizers, pill capsules, the clarification of wine and beer, and many more. Today, the only way to source native, functional collagen is to extract it from animals. This is what we are changing at Jellatech. We make functional, native collagen - without animals. Cellular agriculture enables us to produce a more sustainable, smarter high quality collagen that breaks the cycle of relying on an inefficient and unethical supply chain of live animals.

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